I’ve been humbled and inspired by the awesome response to my most recent campaign with my dear friends at Breastfeeding USA. We’ve been producing these popular #milkmemo shareable posters across our social media platforms. The goal of the campaign is to encourage mothers  to “send love notes, one mom to another.” Here are a few of my favorites. You can check out the whole series on Facebook and Twitter, or join in with your own using our hastag!

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Flyers & Posters

Health Advocacy Projects

Lately I’ve been working with the social networking arm of a national mother-to-mother support group, Breastfeeding USA. It’s been a lot of fun helping them grow their Facebook and Twitter fan base, reaching out to mothers with evidence-based support and health information.

One big role I’ve had on the team is creating sharable memes for the social sites. I’m so proud to see some of these photos go viral around the web, popping up on a few well-known websites in the breastfeeding and health communities.



Summer Watercolors, Part One

Bright summer colors, natural watercolors, and bold typography were the driving forces behind these larger-than-life wedding invitations. The oversized tri-fold invitation showcases the couple’s custom monogram and encloses contrasting RSVP and hand-drawn event map. Here’s a sneak peek at the save-the-date and the invite — programs, menus and other wedding day paper to come!


Get a clue, gentlemen

This guy has cracked the code, and all other men need to take notes.

How perfectly sweet is the Clue-inspired proposal?! An old colleague and friend contacted me with hopes I could help him put the finishing touches on a very sweet, very personal engagement idea. The game-board enthusiasts are now engaged to be wed, and I’m so grateful to have been a (very small) part of it.

The plan was simple: Play a good-natured game of Clue with his girlfriend’s family and everyone throw the game, ensuring that she would be the one to open the solution envelope. (Spoiler: It was Jesse, in the dining room, with the ring!) Here is a closer look at the final playing cards.